The Adventure

12 11 2010

Jesus said that we must become like little children. The older I get, the more profound that truth becomes.

We were walking him home. Our little friend lives around the corner. He had been at our house playing, laughing, and being loved. It was time to deliver him back to mom and dad, so we packed up his stuff and headed down the street.

My husband and I were focused on moving from point A to point B. It was time to get from one place to another. Our little friend had a different perspective. The walk home was an opportunity for adventure.

Heading down the driveway, his eyes began to sparkle with all the possibilities inherent in the journey. He decided that he would jump over every crack in the sidewalk. Not a little hop, mind you. A stop, set-your-focus, give-yourself-a-pep-talk kind of jump. He encouraged himself to jump high. He told himself he could do it. He made sure that we all cheered when he made it. And then he ran to the next sidewalk crack so he could do it all over again.

He noticed all the ordinary things that turn a walk into an adventure. Sprinklers were fascinating. Barking dogs were talking just to him. The street corner became a moment to hold hands and boldly go forward. All too soon we were home. Dad’s big hug became the prize for taking the risk and going on the adventure.

My Jesus Resolution today is to have an adventure. I am going to walk somewhere today; I might as well walk with joy. I need to let my heart come alive with all the possibilities God has for me on the journey. I want to notice all the extraordinary blessings bound up in the ordinary things around me. I want to experience the grand prize of running into my Father’s arms. Today holds an opportunity for adventure. Ready to go?



One response

12 11 2010
Oleta Coleman

Yep! I’m ready to go! Bring on the adventure! : ) As always a great slice of life with theological implications! Thanks again for all the encouragement you give to your “faithful readers”.

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