National Dream Day

11 10 2010

I saw it on a tag. I thought it said, “National Dream Day” and got really excited. It didn’t. I misread it, but it sparked my thinking. What a neat idea! What if there really was a National Dream Day? A day set aside to dream about the future, let hope expand, and allow our imaginations to take flight? What would you dream about?

In days filled with deadlines, obligations, appointments, and laundry, dreaming often moves into the realm of wishful thinking. If we had time, we would… When there is more money, we will…  If only…

Dreaming, however, is essential to the abundant life. God created us to dream – big! He wants us to stretch our hearts and imagine a world vibrant with His presence. He longs for us to plunge into the depths of His love and soak in all the possibilities He has in store for us. He dreams of a kingdom filled with people transformed to look like His beloved Son.

When we dream, we lift our eyes from the boundaries of our present reality to the face of God. In our dreams, we are not limited by the here and now, by the naysayers who tell us it can’t be done, or the limited resources that so often define who we are. When we dream, we can imagine a world touched by grace, infused with goodness, and bound together by love.

God has bigger dreams in mind for us than we can possibly imagine. He has plans for us that can only be fueled by His power and ignited by His mercy. Abraham dreamed of a family. God used him to bless all nations. David dreamed of building a temple. God raised up a house for the coming Messiah. Peter dreamed of catching fish. Jesus transformed Him into a fisher of men.

“Jesus looked at them and said, ‘With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.’” – Matthew 19:26

My Jesus Resolution today is to take time to dream. I am not going to be afraid to dream impossible dreams or pray for big things. I am going to let my dreams lift my eyes to His face. I am going to embrace the dreams I know God is already working out in my life. I am going to imagine how life might look if the power of God was fully unleashed in my life. I am going to let that dream stretch my soul and fuel my surrender. I declare today to be National Dream Day. I dare you to dream a God-sized dream.



2 responses

11 10 2010
Linda Allard

Thank you Casandra for your encouraging words today. I continue to keep in mind the awesome power of God as He makes known His willingness to assist me in working towards my goals and my dreams.

12 10 2010
brenda hutchens

Dear Casandra

Thank you so much for the reminder, to fulfill God’s purpose for me I must not lean on myself.

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