The Choice

21 07 2010

Our lives are filled with thousands of choices. Some are simple – what shampoo to use, what’s for dinner. Some are complex – where we will invest our hearts, the decision to have children. Our most profound choice, however, is whether we will accept the invitation of God. We, who don’t get to decide about tomorrow’s weather, are given the opportunity to choose where we will spend eternity. The invitation is extended to every person – regardless of race, background, wealth, or gender. And only you can decide for you – you can’t choose for your spouse, children, or co-workers. It’s your choice and yours alone.

It is interesting in our pro-choice society that there is so much pressure not to choose anything related to the soul. The world would like you to think that everything is gray; that there is no longer black or white, dark or light. And Satan is laughing because, once again, he has managed to steal the invitation from the heart of man – the same one he stole in the garden…

As the account of creation unfolds in Genesis 1-3, we see with joy that the most important provision the Lord makes for Adam and Eve in the garden is the gift of Himself. They had an intimate relationship with God as they walked and talked with Him. Yet, despite this gift, we all know how the story unfolds – the command not to eat from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, the temptation of the dangling fruit, the lie that there was something sweeter than the presence of God. And the choice was made.

Heaven and hell held its breath as Eve reached for the fruit on the tree. With the first bite, those in hell cheered and, in heaven, God’s heart broke. Yet, even as He drove Adam and Eve from the garden, the promise of a way back formed on His lips. Barely had the fruit’s juice run down their chins; barely had Satan’s cackle quieted, before God announced the plan to redeem His children – Jesus.

My Jesus Resolution today is to deliberately choose Jesus. Everyday I face the same choice that Adam and Eve faced in the garden. Satan’s offer echoes through our society – “Have it your way.”, “You only go around once.”, “I deserve it.”, “Whatever.” Jesus quietly invites me closer to His heart – “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11:26) Today I am going to choose Jesus. What about you? The choice is yours.



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