2 07 2010

This weekend our eyes turn to celebrating the freedom we have as Americans. Our minds travel back to the first patriots who had a vision for a nation in which freedom defines the landscape and hearts of its citizens. We honor those who died in defense of the freedom we hold so dear. We take a moment to be grateful for a country so rich with opportunity and blessing.

In the United States, Independence Day is celebrated with flags, food, and fireworks. We fly a flag which stands as a symbol of freedom all over the world. We gather around grills, feasting on hot dogs and apple pie as we celebrate the blessings that bring us together as family and friends. Fireworks light up the sky in the same way that freedom shines as a beacon of hope, security, and privilege.

As you enjoy Independence Day, let the words of Jesus echo in your heart. “So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.” – John 8:36. The freedom we enjoy as Americans is an echo of the freedom we have in Christ. The longing we have for freedom is ultimately fulfilled in the person of Jesus. He gives us a free indeed life. We live as citizens of a kingdom that has no boundaries and will know no end. A cross and an empty tomb mark the time and place where our freedom was bought at a terrible price. The free indeed life calls us to light up the darkness with praise and hope.

My Jesus Resolution today is to celebrate the freedom I have in Christ. Oppression has been conquered. Hope has been restored. Grace flows like a river. Light penetrates the darkness. Sin has been washed away. The promise of transformation is unfolding daily. Today I am going to honor the flag and lift up the cross. I am going to eat good food and share the Bread of Life. I am going to watch the fireworks and live as a light.



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