Technical Difficulties

28 06 2010

I’m stuck. I have been working on a new project for months. I have prayed, planned, and poured out my heart. We are so close to the finish line, I can almost taste it. Watching a dream become reality is an exciting, exhausting, exhilarating process. Each day the anticipation grows as ideas take shape and God’s fingerprints on the project become more pronounced. But a computer virus has thrown my well-laid plans off track.

Without my permission, the virus attacked. One day, everything was going smoothly and we could see light at the end of the tunnel. The next day we couldn’t find the tunnel. My interrupter was a computer virus, but it really could be anything that throws us off track, disturbs the balance of our days, throws us a curve, or derails our dreams. Sometimes it is something small – having to wait when we are in a hurry, losing our keys, or having a sick child on the day of an important meeting. Sometimes something huge – a relationship falling apart, the doctor coming in with a serious expression, or a pink slip waiting for us at work – changes the course of our lives. Interrupters happen. That much is sure. The question lies in how we will respond.

When the interrupter flares it lays my heart bare. Do I see myself as being in control of the moment or do I find peace in the truth that God is in control of all my moments? I can get frustrated, angry, and grumpy or I can search for God’s movement, protection, and grace. God’s timing is always perfect, His mercies are always new, His promises are always sure, and His presence is always with us. Even when viruses hit us unaware. God has seen tomorrow. He already knows what we will face and stands ready to walk with us through it all.

My Jesus Resolution today is take a deep breath and trust God’s unchanging hand. Interrupters are going to be a part of my day. I want to learn to see God in each moment, recognize His presence, and rely on His power. I want to ground my plans and dreams so thoroughly in the will of God that my confidence rests not on my abilities, but on His dependability. A virus can’t attack God’s promises or undermine God’s faithfulness. How will you respond when technical difficulties come your way today?



One response

28 06 2010
Glenda Koctar

OH did I ever need to hear this reminder today! Accepting and saying, still I will praise you – everyday, whatever comes.
I am prepared and ready for what comes today! thanks!

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