21 06 2010

If you watch crime dramas, you know that fingerprints are clues. They reveal who has been present, who has touched the moment, and who has shaped what you now see. Fingerprints are identifiers. Each fingerprint is unique, leaving a marker behind which points us to someone’s presence.

Today, I want to challenge you to keep your eyes open for God’s fingerprints. They are all around us. He leaves evidence of His presence in every moment. Here are ten questions to ask yourself today that might help you discover a clue about how God has touched your day.

1. What was the most beautiful thing I saw today?

2. What kindness touched my heart today?

3. Where did I hear God’s voice today?

4. What am I most thankful for today?

5. What challenge did I face today?

6. What joy did I experience today?

7. What was the most delicious thing I tasted today?

8. What made me laugh today?

9. Where did I receive mercy today?

10. Who best looked like Jesus for me today?

My Jesus Resolution today is to search for God’s fingerprints. I am going to keep my eyes wide open, my heart sensitive to His presence, and my ears listening for His movement. Places of goodness, mercy, joy, laughter, and blessing are all moments when it is possible to discover the fingerprint of God on my day. I can see Him in the lives of those around me, in the beauty that fills the skies, and the ways in which I open my heart to listen to His voice. Today I am going to be on the lookout for fingerprints. I can’t wait to be surprised by all the ways God has already touched my day.



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