The Second Mile

11 06 2010

“If someone forces you to go one mile, go with him two miles.” – Matthew 5:41

I have seen some second milers this week. People who have willingly walked out of their comfort zones and gone the extra mile. They have gotten their hands dirty, spent time on their knees, worked late into the night, and served with a passion that was infectious to others. It was humbling and inspiring to see God at work in these hearts.

Jesus calls those who wear His name to walk the second mile. Walking the second mile happens best when we choose to go beyond the ordinary in order to show others the heart of God. A little extra kindness. An extra measure of grace. Gratitude fully extended. Love poured out on another without hesitation or condition.

We live in a first mile world. Do what’s required. Give enough to get by. Take what you can. Use every situation to your advantage. Those who walk the second mile turn the world’s logic on its head. Instead of hedging our bets, we are called to give without limit, walk without stopping, and love without end.

My Jesus Resolution today is to walk the second mile. I am going to look for an opportunity to serve and show God’s grace to someone in my day. I want to be deliberate about extending mercy, bestowing love, and offering hope. I am going to give my time, energy, and focus to the Lord as a sacrifice of praise as I go through whatever doors He opens for me today. I want to walk the second mile because Jesus walked it for me.



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