4 06 2010

Invisibility seems like it would be a cool super power. We could glide into rooms unnoticed, listen in on top-secret conversations, and find the clue that will save the world. In real life, being invisible is more a matter of the heart than a super power. We all have an ache to be seen. This isn’t a grab for personal glory or a pathological need for attention. It is a need wired into our souls – a need to be known, loved, valued, and appreciated.

Feeling invisible makes our hearts heavy. We move through our days wondering if we register in anyone’s eyes as anything other than a solid object to move around. We live in such a fast-paced world that it is easy to be surrounded by people, but never connect to anyone.

Hagar knows how you feel. Mistreated, abused, ignored, used, and taken for granted, Hagar feels so invisible she flees into the desert. On the road to Shur, she has a conversation that changes her life and her direction. The Lord tells her that He has heard of her misery, seen her service, understands her circumstances, and then tells her submission must define the direction of her heart. Hagar turns around and goes back home. The situation hasn’t changed. She has no reason to expect to be treated any differently. But a few words on the road lift the weight of invisibility off of Hagar’s heart. Here’s why. In Genesis 16:13, Hagar says, “You are the God who sees me….”

God sees you. He notices what you do. He pays attention to how you move through your day. He sees you when you feel tired, unappreciated, used up, or unloved. He notices your quiet kindnesses, your effort to give your best, and your unseen sacrifices. He sees and He smiles. He notices and draws near. He pays attention and pours out His promises and purpose. He sees you. You can walk back into any circumstance you face today with the confidence and peace that comes from knowing that you are known and deeply loved.

My Jesus Resolution today is to really see someone around me. I am going to slow down and pay attention to the people who walk through my day. I want to listen, not just hear; see, not just glance; love, not just pass by. A hug, a note, a shoulder, or a smile may be all it takes to lift the weight of invisibility off of someone’s heart today. God sees me. I want the way I interact with others today to help them see God.



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4 06 2010
Renee Johnson

It is a great decision to put the scripture, Gen.16:13 in your message.
By doing so, it is an opportunity for God to call us to His Word and it triggers our hunger for that Word. And that… is a WONDERFUL thing.
Thank you for your constant encouragement. You are a blessing I SEE most every day.

4 06 2010
Keith Johnson

Father God I thank you for this day, for it’s hurdles and it’s blessings. For your servant Casandra and for the words and thoughts that you give her to pen. Thank you for the blessing she is to our family. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

8 06 2010
Glenda Koctar

Casandra, Wise and thoughtful words you have shared. Thank you! I was just pondering some of our lessons from this spring today and here you are, on FB, helping us all to find ways to daily try to be Jesus to others. Love it!

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