28 05 2010

I have a cold. Nothing serious or major, just several days of tissues, medicine, and misery. You know the feeling – sore throat, drippy nose, and stuffiness. Everything feels clogged. My ears feel like they have cotton stuffed into them. My voice is scratchy and running at about half volume (of course, not everyone thinks this is a bad thing). My nose is sore, and I can’t breathe.

Breathing is about more than taking air into our lungs. Breathing is life – both physically and spiritually. When God created man, He fashioned legs, arms, eyes, and smiles, and then He breathed the breath of life into him. This breath did more than animate the body. It gave life to the soul.

Our language reveals our understanding of how breathing is connected to life. If something amazing happens, we talk about how it took our breath away. Spectacular beauty can cause us to catch our breath. When stress overwhelms us, we encourage someone to take a deep breath. We cry with joy when babies take their first breath. We weep when someone breathes their last.

When Jesus wanted to assure the disciples of His presence in their lives, He breathed on them. It is a moment that echoes with Eden-like significance. New life in the Spirit. Peace beyond understanding. Joy without limit.

My Jesus Resolution today is to breathe. I am going to let each breath remind me of the presence of God. I am going to remember that life flows from Him and be grateful for each breath He gives me. I want to live in such a way that I breathe love, graciousness, encouragement, and thanksgiving into the lives of those around me. Take a deep breath with me today. Fill your life with Jesus.



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