Bare Feet

21 05 2010

Summer is near. The temperatures are creeping up. The sun hangs around longer in the evenings like a child begging for five more minutes of play. The end of school is getting close, air conditioners are starting to hum, and we are kicking off our shoes.

Bare feet signal summer. There is something special about walking through soft grass or feeling the squish of warm sand between our toes that speaks to our hearts. It slows us down, compels us to be aware of our senses, and encourages us to enjoy the moment.

There are actually a couple of special bare feet moments in the Bible. Moses stands before a bush burning with the presence of God and hears the call to take off his shoes. Unlacing his sandals creates a heart picture of loosening the cords that hold us to the world. He removes the shoes that represent the way he chooses his own path, identity, and purpose. Standing bare foot before God helps us see the need to come into His presence with transparency, humility, and surrender.

Joshua had a bare foot moment outside of the walls of Jericho. Meeting the commander of the army of the Lord, Joshua learns that victory is not found in his strength, wisdom, or courage. The walls of Jericho will fall because God moves among His people. Joshua receives the word to take off his shoes because the place where he is standing is holy ground. God is here, and that is enough. As soon as Joshua takes off his shoes, the victory is won.

My Jesus Resolution today is to kick off my shoes and walk with bare feet. I am going to let my bare feet remind me that God is present, and I walk on holy ground. I want to take off all the things that tie me to this world. I want to loosen the laces of should, could, or would and trade them for deep desire and breath-catching wonder. I am going to stand before the big walls of discouragement, fear, stress, and guilt and deliberately take off my shoes. Standing with bare feet reminds my heart that God stands with me, and in Him the victory is already complete.



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