Peace I Leave With You

14 05 2010

We live in a world strangled by stress and anxiety. It seems we are always running, always worried, and always looking over our shoulders. Jesus promises us peace. Not the calm before the storm kind of peace, but real, deep-down, absolute peace. In a world in which we often feel suffocated by fear, regret, shame, and guilt, Jesus left us a precious gift – His peace. Here are ten reasons to let go of the stress and embrace His peace.

1. God has all the answers – no matter what your question is.

2. His blood will cover your sin, whatever it is.

3. You are profoundly loved for exactly who you are.

4. God is bigger than any problem, struggle, fear, or heartache.

5. God already has His eyes on tomorrow.

6. God’s presence is with you right now. You are never alone.

7. His grace is sufficient – no matter what the next moment holds.

8. He is able to do more than you can ask or imagine.

9. God is listening to you right this minute. Talk to Him.

10. God always keeps His promises – every one of them, every time.

My Jesus Resolution today is to step into peace. I am going to make a deliberate move away from worry and weariness into His peace and rest. I am going to choose to listen to His voice rather than the whispers of guilt and screams of stress that pull at my heart. Today, I am going to rest my head next to His heart and delight in the peace that envelopes me just because He is near.



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