Beauty in Unexpected Places

7 05 2010

The other day I was taking a walk and saw an unusual sight. A flower, in full bloom, was growing in the storm drain by the side of the road. It was purple and lush green set against a backdrop of grey concrete and darkness. I did a double take. There in a place with little sunlight, prone to rushing waters during a rainstorm, and dry stretches in between, was a flower. In this unlikely spot, beauty took a chance and grew.

Beauty is one of God’s fingerprints. Sometimes we see beauty in grand vistas – the tall mountains, the sandy dunes, or the crystal clear waters. Sometimes beauty is hidden in unexpected places. The same is true of people’s hearts. Some of the most profound beauty is found in those whose lives make growing beauty difficult. Despite our society’s obsession to the contrary, true beauty is not defined by genetics, body type, or fashion magazines. Beauty is a choice. It is a move of the heart. True beauty is found in a life that has been touched by God.

Think of someone you know who is truly beautiful. You know, the kind of beauty that flows from the inside-out. The color of their hair or the shape of their eyes doesn’t matter nearly as much as what you see in their heart. A life that radiates the beauty of Jesus is irresistible. Seeing God in the eyes of another is stunning. When someone is full of the Spirit, it catches our breath.

My Jesus Resolution today is to keep my eyes open for true beauty. I am not going to let myself be defined by the world’s standards. I am going to look for His beauty in unexpected places – a person some might overlook, a place where beauty might not be obvious, a time or circumstance that is less than ideal, even the mirror. God plants His beauty in unexpected places. Where will you see His beauty today?



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