Amazing Things

15 03 2010

Wandering in the desert for forty years has brought them to this moment. On the other side is the unknown. Big enemies, big fortifications, and big battles. Standing on the banks of a swollen river, God says, “Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do amazing things among you.” – Joshua 3:5.

What am I doing today to get ready for the amazing things God wants to do in my life tomorrow? So often we want big, God-sized things to happen, but haven’t prepared our hearts to see them. We want to experience the amazing work of God in our lives, but are unwilling to consecrate ourselves.

God wants to do amazing things in you and for you. He longs to show you His power, fill you with His presence, and enmesh you in His promises. Through Joshua, He tells us to get ready. Here are a few things we can do today to be fully prepared for the amazing ways God wants to work in us.

Spend time in worship – worship prepares our eyes. Magnifying Him changes our perspective.

Open His Word – His Word consecrates our ears to better His voice, and our hearts to more fully experience His presence.

Pray big prayers – nothing prepares us better for the amazing things God has in store for us than pouring ourselves out before the One who has promised to do more than we can ask or imagine.

Expect the extraordinary – We serve a God who is willing to part waters, knock down cities, defeat giants, and send a Son to the cross. Don’t underestimate what He is willing to do for you.

Open your heart to the possibility that God wants to do amazing things for you. God’s amazing things often come in small packages, and through unexpected avenues. Prepare your eyes. Consecrate your heart. Let anticipation and expectation define your steps.

My Jesus Resolution today is to prepare for amazing things. I am going to get my eyes ready, my heart prepared, and my life consecrated so I don’t miss a single amazing moment.



One response

15 03 2010
Elaine DeVaney

Thank you AGAIN and AGAIN for allowing God to use you SO effectively in so many lives. Keep up the dedication to Him!

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