Checking for Fingerprints

27 01 2010

Some days it is just hard to see God. There are days when His presence just explodes across my day. It seems I couldn’t miss Him if I tried. And then there are days like today. Not a terrible day, just one filled with distractions. Deadlines loom, the phone rings, laundry piles up, and the dishes threaten to topple out of the sink. Worry, stress, and frustration make the evidence of His presence hard to find.

One sure-fire way to refocus my heart is to spend ten minutes counting my blessings. Like the song says, “Name them one by one.” Our blessings are the clearest evidence of God’s movement in our lives. It doesn’t take long into my list before my vision clears. The longer the list grows, the lighter my heart feels. My blessings are tangible reminders that God is here. He loves me. He cares about the details of my day. Blessings are God’s arms wrapped around me. The more I count, the tighter the hug.

An awareness of God’s presence is essential, and nothing is better at connecting the dots between His hand and my heart than counting my blessings. The Jesus Resolution challenges you to keep a running list today of all of the ways God touches your day. Count your blessings. Name them one by one. When His fingerprints are hard to find, counting your blessings helps highlight where His hand has touched your day. Ready?  1…2…3…



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27 01 2010

A wonderful idea that really works. I keep a Blessings Journal, where I will often write down God’s blessings for my day. I also include “Setbacks” and prayers. Doing that helps to keep me positive and to see how God is moving in my life. And on days when I am really struggling with either a person, issue, or event, writing it down and going back to look at past entries helps me to work through the struggle and move forward in a new positive light.

17 02 2010

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